an instant and an expanse pt1

25 July 2023

A room full of ghosts

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on clout laundering, or how close do we have to be to hurt each other

12 June 2023

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chirps and crackles

23 May 2023

staring at the blood dried on my beige tote bag, left behind by the J train from myrtle-broadway, i finger my ear. The silent echo of the Dunkin’ Donuts’s web page reverberating within my mind. Cory Arcangel’s So shines a good deed in a weary world ( screened at a gallery occupying a former Dunkin’ Donuts in the financial district. Composed of shots of the artist browsing the Dunkin’ Donuts website, the company’s vine and youtube channels, unaccompanied by a soundtrack beyond the diegetic sounds of these sites, the piece left me cackling in the hallowed out backroom. Next to Krispy Kreme donut boxes, I watched 30 minutes of Rob Gronkowsky answering questions about his favorite donut, the endless scroll of topping options, the silent dance of plastic coffee cups, and the triumph of one man’s culinary concoction over false claims to the donut throne.

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drowning in milk

24 April 2023

Over the past month, I’ve been thinking back to Michael Warner and the late Lauren Berlant’s essay “Sex in Public.” One of the central questions of the essay is how intimate spaces ground community within particular property relations. The club, the public park, the subway, the sex shop—any space unfolds a particular set of intimacies, allowing certain forms of closeness to flourish and others to perish. The relation between intimacy and space is a political question as policy, the economy, and the police shape which intimate spaces are able to exist, particularly in cities where property values are exceedingly high.

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on scenes

7 March 2023

what is a scene?

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see you around

17 February 2023

january is the warmest month

heat eminating from the exploding birds in my back garden

one day, the cigarette ash lingering between the miss-matched pebbles, inside the pet cemetery where he buried the pigeon who died on the fire escape, but only after the momentous blizzard bled out into a slurry of mud and piss, was a fire finally lit.

another day, the cigarette butt blossoming within the windswept sand, where their body became a shield from the gusts gnawing at her slight frame, before the chocolate truffles were tucked away between plastic wrapped delicacies and glass tubes, they kissed before christ.

august is the coldest month

i wait to warm up